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SOS Mix Pack

Highly effective blister treatment in four sizes
Contains Small, Large, XL Hydrocolloid dressings, and Pressure Stop plaster
Immediately relieves pressure and pain
Safely protects from dirt and bacteria
48h extra strong adhesion
Faster healing due to Hydrocolloid Technology

Product Info

SOS Mix Pack – Hydrocolloid Plasters in a range of sizes, plus Pressure Stop Plaster.

With this selection pack of three differently sized blister plasters and the preventative Pressure Stop plaster, you’ll always have the ideal one to hand – whatever you’re doing today. Whether the problem is rubbing shoes, hiking blisters or sports blisters - there’s a plaster in this little box that will relieve pressure and pain immediately, and get healing off to the best start possible. The SOS Mix Pack contains the following;

2 x Blister Plasters Small
These little plasters are perfect for blisters on toes, even difficult to reach blisters between toes. 

2 x Blister Plasters Large

Ideally suited for heels, these can be used anywhere on the foot.

1 x Blister Plaster XL

A big Hydrocolloid Plaster that’s big enough to treat even larger blisters on the heels, balls of the feet or sides of the foot.

1 x Pressure Stop Plaster
This cut-to-size transparent plaster is designed to immediately relieve the pressure and friction of all kinds of shoes, so that you can avoid a blister forming in the first place.

Our Pressure Stop plaster is a preventative measure. But for when a blister has already formed, blister plasters with Hydrocolloid Technology contained in this mix pack are the plasters of choice. They allow moist healing. Once applied, superabsorbers soak up blister fluid, and form a protective layer of gel over the wound, creating ideal conditions for skin recovery. At the same time, the blister plaster safely seals and protects the area against dirt and bacteria.

The Pressure Stop Plaster offers reliable adhesion and can be worn for several days. The Blister Plasters will stay firmly in place for up to 48h, and they are waterproof, too, so you can shower or bath with confidence. If you’re a runner or a sports person, be assured: These Hydrocolloid Plasters are also sweat-proof! 

Whichever size you choose, the easy-to-use Hansaplast application system makes these plasters fast and easy to apply without wrinkles. So dealing with your blister can be swift and stress-free affair - and you can get back to your day!

Dermatologically approved
Based on clinical studies, this product is confirmed to be skin-compatible.

How to Use

Dr Kuhlmann’s Expert Tips – Help your blisters heal faster with proper application

Dr Maike Kuhlmann Research & Development, Beiersdorf AG
  • Self-surgery is not recommended. For example, don’t puncture the blister and don’t remove any outer layers of skin, because this can cause infection
  • Existing blisters should be disinfected
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the blister plaster
  • Attach the plaster without wrinkles and press firmly
  • Don’t change the plaster until it falls off by itself

Packaging Size

Product Content

Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Product : Blister plaster small
 Type: Package Size Image  Size: 5,8 cm x 2 cm
 Quantity:  2 Pieces
Product : Blister Plaster Large
 Type: Package Size Image  Size: 5,8 cm x 3,4 cm
 Quantity:  2 Pieces
Product : Blister plaster XL  Type: Package Size Image  Size: 5 cm x 5 cm  Quantity:  1 Piece
Product : Pressure stop plaster                         Type: Package Size Image  Size: 7 cm x 6,5 cm  Quantity:  1 Piece

Frequently Asked Questions (5)

  • 1. What causes blisters to form?

    Blisters will appear in areas where the skin is exposed to pressure and friction over time. This usually happens when you wear new shoes for the first time, or during sports. Pressure and friction on one part of the foot cause the upper layer of the skin (the epidermis) to move back and forth over the layer beneath. A space appears between the two and fluid seeps into it. The resulting bubble is the blister.
  • 2. What’s the best way to treat blisters?

    If the blister has already formed, the area should be protected from further pressure and contamination with one of the blister plasters in the pack. These are based on the Hydrocolloid Technology. It creates a moist healing environment and thereby allows the wound to heal faster. At the same time, it safely seals and protects the area against dirt and bacteria.
  • 3. Should I pop the blister? What should I do if it pops accidentally?

    If possible, blisters shouldn’t be intentionally popped. They are there for a reason - to protect against infections. If your blister is already ruptured, the remaining skin layer should be left where it is. It’s important that the wound is protected from external contamination for fast healing without complications. The affected area should be cleaned and dried carefully before putting on a blister plaster. If the blister is already open, we recommend giving the area an extra disinfection.
  • 4. Is it a good idea to use a healing cream underneath the Hydrocolloid Plasters in the SOS Mix Pack?

    Actually, we don’t recommend using any products at all underneath the plasters. There’s a chance they may reduce their effectiveness and adhesive power.
  • 5. When should I change the blister plaster?

    To get healing off to a good start, and as long as there are no signs of infection, the plaster should be left in place until it peels off by itself. All blister plasters in the SOS Mix Pack will help to speed up the healing process. The Pressure Stop plaster offers reliable adhesion and can be worn for several days to avoid blisters.

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