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100 Years of Protection – For over a century, Hansaplast has been there. We've got you covered. For a life uninterrupted.

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Hansaplast – we’ve got you covered, for a life uninterrupted


At Hansaplast, we believe that everyday injuries shouldn’t disrupt everyday life, so we create products that work with your body to provide care and facilitate natural healing. It’s our mission to develop innovative and effective products that help you protect and heal your body – for life’s little scrapes and bruises.

For 100 years, Hansaplast has been committed to providing people with the highest quality treatment for their minor wounds. From developing the first plaster to becoming a leading brand, we’re a trusted partner to millions who rely on us to provide our customers the best protection for everyday injuries. Our brand is dedicated to turning tears into smiles and worries into relief by continuously finding better, safer and easier ways for people all over the world to care for their injuries and help them to get on with their lives.

A passion for healing and innovation

Hansaplast’s passion for healing and innovation has been our guiding light for the past 100 years. We believe we have a duty to our consumers, to our environment, and to society. 

We believe that protecting people’s wounds and everyday injuries goes hand in hand with protecting all aspects of people’s lives. That’s why we make sustainable choices with consideration for our consumers, the environment and society. 


For our Consumers: We develop best-in-class solutions for everyone to manage everyday injuries, ensuring people feel reliably protected and cared for.


For the Environment: We commit to work continuously to maximise the performance of our portfolio while minimizing our environmental & climate footprint.


For the Society: We are dedicated to provide wound care education to people around
the world.

Taking healing in a new direction

Our intensive R&D efforts are focused on discovering powerful new insights that allow us to lead healing in a brand new direction. Today, 100 years after our founder developed the world’s first plaster, we still strive to convert our innovations and discoveries into cost-effective healing products and solutions. For applications as diverse as footcare to noise reduction and pain relief, Hansaplast remains a trusted household name around the world. Whatever our next breakthrough – we made it with you in mind, and you will be the first to benefit from it.

Want to learn more about our key milestones? Check out our company timeline.

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