Running and hiking without blisters – Take care of your feet while you enjoy the outdoors.

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There are few things better for your mind and body than a run or hike. Although both are great for our health, sometimes pressure and friction on our feet over a long period of time can cause foot problems. Find out how to avoid them – and keep on going!

Be prepared!

Packing the right things for a carefree hike or run
Packing the right things to take along with you on your run or hike can make the difference between having to abandon your plans and continuing to do what you want to do - pain free. While you’re filling your water bottle and planning your route, remember to slip some spare socks and a pack of Hansaplast Blister Plasters into your backpack. Both the large and small sizes come with a little blue refillable box that’s ideal to take on a run or hike.

Choose footwear carefully

Think about the terrain you'll be walking on when you buy shoes
What you wear on your feet is extremely important if you want to avoid blisters.  

If you’re planning some serious walking, a pair of trainers or everyday boots won’t do. Normal trainers or all round boots are not suitable for hiking - they’re often too soft and don’t provide the necessary support during periods of extreme stress. Go for hiking boots instead that extend above the ankle. These are usually made with hard soles for multi-day trips. Alternatively go for softer soles for shorter excursions. 

Get advice from a specialist in a shoe store where they’ll measure your feet. Stores like this often have a sloped area where you can test out how boots feel walking up and down an incline. Take your time and think about the terrain you’ll be walking on. It’s a good idea to buy walking boots in the afternoon when your feet will have a swollen a little and to try them with hiking socks.


Areas affected by friction can been padded as you break-in your new hiking shoes
New trainers and boots should be worn-in before you embark on your adventure. The stiffer the shoe – the more ‘breaking-in’ they will need. This process can be made easier with Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster. Put the new shoes or boots on and take note of any pressure spots. You can then use the plaster to protect those hot-spots and avoid a running blister.

Fast First Aid

If you notice the first sign of burning immediately take a break and care for the wound
Of course, even after all this preparation there’s still chance you could get a painful blister on a run or hike. If this happens, the secret is to treat it fast. Immediately take a break at the first sign of burning or pressure and take your shoes off as quickly as possible. First dry your skin, then cushion the running blister, sore or wound. The best way to do this is to use Hansaplast Blister Plasters. These superior blister plasters relieve pain right away. Based on the Hydrocolloid Technology, they work on the principle of moist healing so your blister can start getting better immediately. Hansaplast Adhesive Technology ensures that the blister plaster stays firmly in place as you walk or run – in fact they’ll stick securely to your skin for up to 48h. Available in a variety of sizes from small right up to XL, these blister plasters are extremely flexible and robust – exactly what’s needed for sports blisters!

Your active essentials

For anyone who loves sports, running or hiking, these products are worth stocking up on. We know how precious your leisure time is, and they’ve been created to help you treat any niggling foot issues and help get back out there doing the things you love - as quickly as possible!

Protect your feet from sweat and odour with Hansaplast Silver Active Foot Spray. Keeping feet dry will help you avoid blisters.
Stop running blisters before they have a chance to get started with Hansaplast Pressure Stop Plaster. This cut to size plaster can stop a ‘hot-spot’ from becoming a blister.
When sports blisters do strike, be prepared. Hansaplast Blister Plaster Large, Hansaplast Blister Plaster Small and Hansaplast Blister Plaster XL are designed to immediately relieve pain from blisters or foot sores caused by the friction and pressure that can be caused by running or hiking for prolonged periods. They cushion the affected area from further friction and pressure, relieving pain immediately. Dirt and infection are sealed out and faster healing can begin. And when you get home after a run or hike, don’t hesitate to jump into the shower or bath. Hansaplast Blister Plasters are all waterproof.
For further information regarding Hansaplast products, please contact us via email on Please note that none of the above given tips or recommendations substitute medical advice. Carefully read the instructions for use given in our products‘ packages. Consult a health professional if our tips won‘t help or in case you have or suspect a medical condition.