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Noise Protection Earplugs

Effective noise protection
Ideal for sleeping and relaxing
Soft and comfortable
Signal noise reduction: SNR 33db

Product Info

Hansaplast Noise Protection Earplugs

Hansaplast Noise Protection earplugs provide effective noise protection and are ideal for sleeping and relaxing.
The earplugs are soft and comfortable.
They provide signal noise reduction of 33db.

How to Use

How to use


Step 1

Roll Hansaplast Rumorstop with slight pressure in full length between clean fingers. 



Step 2

First pull your ear up a little with one hand and insert earplug as far as possible. 



Step 3

Hold pressure on earplug for about 20 seconds until it is completely stretched out. 


Packaging Size

Product  Type  Size  Quantity
Product : Noise Protection


 Type: Package Size Image  Size: One size  Quantity: 6 Pieces

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