Get the better of running blisters – And get back on your feet.

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Everybody experiences blisters at some point - but now you don’t have to let them get you down. With Hansaplast Blister Plasters in your pack or pocket, you no longer have to think of a blister as something you need to suffer.

The Hansaplast Sos Pack. Blister treatment And Pain Relief On The Run.

A new pair of shoes, a change of terrain or even a change of pace – all these can cause running blisters. Everyone’s experienced them at some point - whether it is when you’re training for a marathon or taking a quick jog round the park, blisters are a fact of a runner’s life. 

But now, wherever you are, wherever and whenever they develop, they won’t stop you in your tracks. With a Hansaplast SOS Pack and a couple of minutes, you can get back on your feet, back on the road and back into your stride, pain-free and more determined than ever.

Why do we get running blisters?

Fluid fills the outer layer of the skin to create a cushion which is fragile to more pressure
Painful as they can be, blisters are a natural, healthy reaction to friction and pressure. Our skin is designed to produce these soft, fluid-filled pockets to act as a kind of cushion. When we’re out running, our feet have to endure more of this friction and pressure than when we’re just walking about.

That’s because we move differently when we’re running. We move further, we move faster and we also land harder, too. As a result, our feet get hot, sweaty and swollen, and that can just make things worse. Throw in a new, stiff pair of shoes to the mix or an old, worn-out pair that don’t fit as well as they did, and blisters are going to form.

But although blisters occur naturally they can – as we all know – be painful enough to dampen out spirits and kill our motivation. They’re liable to dent our determination, affect our performance and take all the fun out of running.

Where do we get them?



The short answer? Pretty much anywhere. The longer answer? Well, although your skin gets used to friction and pressure over time, running faster or further than normal or over different terrain can provoke blisters in new places: Blisters on heels, blisters on the arch or ball of your foot, blisters under toes, on toes – even blisters between toes.

What’s in the Hansaplast SOS Pack?

Because you can never be sure exactly where and when you’re going to get a running blister, it’s a smart move to carry a range of waterproof, sweat-proof plasters with Hydrocolloid Technology with you. Then, when you’re out on a run you always have the right one for the job, whether it’s to cover a small blister on the outside of your little toe or a big one on the ball of your foot or heel. That way, when you’re tired and far from home, you’ll have instant, long-lasting pain relief when you need it the most.
The SOS Pack consists of a range of waterproof, sweat-proof plasters


2 small blister plasters
Those little blisters on, under or between your toes can hurt in a big way. That’s when you need something that’s going to relieve the pain without getting in the way, making things worse or restricting your movement.

2 large blister plasters
For bigger blisters like those on your heel or the ball of your foot, you’ll need a bigger plaster to make sure it’s properly covered and protected.

1 extra large blister plaster
Sometimes you can experience friction or pressure over an even bigger area like the arch of your foot – or get so into your running that you don’t notice a big blister getting even bigger. That’s when the new, extra large blister plaster comes to the rescue.

1 Pressure Stop plaster
For those awkward places where it’s already a tight fit like on the top or the ball of your foot, then a super-slim Pressure Stop plaster can be cut to the precise size required and will help stop a blister forming. We all know our hot-spots - where blisters always form.


How do they work?

Each sweat-proof, waterproof plaster adheres firmly and snugly to the skin around a blister. This keeps the dressing in place, reducing friction thanks to its smooth surface film, and protects against external influence such as dirt and bacteria. 

The really clever bit, though, is the Hydrocolloid Active Gel Cushion that absorbs the fluid your body produces and uses it to form its own spongy layer that’s much more resilient to friction and pressure than skin alone. 

Hansaplast Blister Plasters don’t just relieve the pain in its tracks and get you to the finish line in comfort, they actually help you heal faster, by encouraging new cell growth and migration. 

Once applied, they’re specially designed to hold fast for at least 48h so you can stop worrying and get moving again. Just peel off the backing, smooth the plaster over clean, disinfected and dry skin and then forget about it: a Hansaplast plaster will stay in place whether it is out on the road or in the shower, but it needs to be removed when it starts to peel off by itself.
For further information regarding Hansaplast products, please contact us via email on Please note that none of the above given tips or recommendations substitute medical advice. Carefully read the instructions for use given in our products‘ packages. Consult a health professional if our tips won‘t help or in case you have or suspect a medical condition.

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