Foot Expert Dr. Ivan Bristow

Foot Expert TV – Watch our interesting short clips with our Foot Expert Dr. Ivan Bristow and learn more about proper Foot Care!

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Did you know how to eliminate corns at home fast and easy? Should you pop a blister or not? How can you protect yourself from Athlete´s Foot infection?  Our Foot Expert Dr. Ivan Bristow provides helpful tips for foot care and home treatments in our new consultation video clips. 

Watch Foot Expert TV now and learn more!

Eliminate painful corns within a few days: Watch the tips from Dr. Bristow!

Pop a blister? Check out the Do’s and Don’ts of treating blisters!

Learn how to protect yourself from Athlete’s Foot infections.

Learn more about safe wart removal here!


Dr. Ivan Bristow is Podiatrist and Researcher in the field of skin diseases of the foot. Amongst other leading positions in his profession, Dr. Bristow is Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine of the Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists in London.